Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Weird Weather

Wow the weather around here is weird. Yesterday it was nice and sunny, almost getting up to 70 degrees. Now today I wake up to grey skies and snow on the ground. Then the snow starts melting so it starts hailing. After the hail, the skies clear up and the wind starts. A crazy wind, one that blows so hard you think it'll blow you away. The wind's still here, a never ending, annoying wind.

Life's like that sometimes. You go through days where everything's sunny, there's no wind or rain. The babies breathe fine and the mom has no complications. Then everything turns on a dime and the hail starts. And you just hope that all of your preparation and learning kicks in and you make it through. I like the sunny days of life, but it takes a day full of hail to remind you why you can't stop learning. I thought all of the classes and tests were over when I graduated. Now I know that the tests that matter in life are just beginning.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

The first day of my blog

So, this is weird, knowing that anyone can read my words. But kinda cool at the same time. My soap box today is about learning something new. At first I thought that never getting any positive feedback about stuff you do right and always getting negative feedback on stuff you did wrong was horrendously awful. Now I've seen the light. When all you get is negative, the one time you get positive it makes you feel like it was all worth it. Maybe I'm getting somewhere! And then I have the confidence to go on...

So, nursing is fun, but a little scary. When I was a student, someone was always watching, a teacher or another nurse. Now I just do what I do and it feels like something's missing. Like last night I had to get some pain meds out of the med room and I felt like, shouldn't someone be watching? But I'm the nurse now. The good thing about that feeling is that I check everything like 10 times before I move on :-)

I hope someone reads this and comments, but I'll be ok if no one does. Maybe it's just for me to think out loud to. Sounds like a good back up plan.