Thursday, October 15, 2009


So I'm horrible at updating this thingie :-) Too much going on with my FB page and being addicted to Bejeweled Blitz. Fall is here!!! Kayleigh started preschool, which she loves. Cory's back on days which means we don't see each other on the days he works and I work. And oh as a side note we got married Aug 29th! So I'm Christine Cantrell now. It still looks new and I have to remind myself to sign that at work and use the initials CC instead of CM. But I love it! As soon as I have some pictures of our hawaiian wedding I'll post them. Or put a link to my FB page if they go there first.

Pumpkin patch is always fun, we're going to attempt to go Sun or Tues. May have to buy our pumpkins at the farmers market though depending on what's left. We shall see.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Holy moly 5 months since I last blogged?

So, not too much going on here. Cory survived another round of layoffs at Micron by applying and getting into another Fab. The one he was in is set to be dissolved by August. We're going to milk micron as long as we can!

Work in L&D's still there... we were slow, now we're getting busier, just like always. Slow winter, busy summer.

Yesterday though we did something new! We went 4 wheeling. Kayleigh and I had never been and it was a blast! Kayleigh also had her first experience using the great outdoors as a potty and miserably failed... and so did her pants. I have some great photos to share, but I haven't uploaded them from the camera yet. Two words... well four... Daddy's orange sweatshirt & bungie cord... Well I guess that's 5 if you don't count the and sign. Oh well. The pics are cute!

Not too much else. Low carb diet's going well except for today, although it could've been worse. I think I had 2 Tbs of mashed potatoes, 2 bites of pasta... oh well. Life goes on. I'm 5 lbs away from my goal and have a little time left. It will happen! It's just back to the grindstone as our weekend comes to a close and I go back to the gym. :-) Love you all!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Everything new

So... in the last two months a few things have happened.

Kayleigh's potty training is going well, she's able to potty/poop on the big girl potty with no seat insert or anything, even in a public bathroom!!! She's doing good so far with just a few accidents.

Cory's getting ready to graduate on Dec 19th... YEAH!!! Not sure what happens next as he was getting the degree for possible advancement at Micron and that might not be happening soon. We shall see. He has a week and a half forced "vacation" during the holidays where Micron is shutting down and he has to use his vacation time to cover his paycheck. Dumb economy, but ok for all of the family get togethers we will probably go to.

Me on the other hand... 2 of our team members at work are out on medical leave and so the 4 of us left have to try and cover all the shifts left open. That means that this week I'm working 4 days, next week I'm working my normal 3 and the week after I'm working 4 again. Then after one team member comes back, another's going out for ankle surgery!!! Hopefully everyone else stays healthy and the team survives the shortage. If only they would hire some of the people that applied! Nothing else new except that for me.

My mom had a partial thyriodectomy (sp?) last Monday and after biopsying it found that the nodule on it was cancerous (she didn't tell me if they classified it in stages) they did a second surgery yesterday (Dec 10th) morning. The first time around she had a lot of nausea and a MD that wouldn't write for any anti nausea meds except Reglan... and a nurse/cap team that never helped her when she vomited, my dad emptied the basin and got her washcloths. The second time she was more prepared (I think) and her PACU time was less... she was up in her bed on the floor at like 3 hours after surgery instead of 8. Also, she was on a different floor and her nursing care was at least 100% better. To top it off she's not so drugged up on IV pain meds and she hasn't really had any nausea. Who knows what was different this time? Not it. I can say a different floor and different nurse/cap teams played a big part. I'm so glad she did well.

Thanksgiving was uneventful, both Cory and I had to work so we spent an hour with Cory's family on Thanksgiving day eating then we had to split. Then on Saturday we had a Thanksgiving dinner at my mom's and Cory had to work and I didn't. It was nice. Yummy, yummy turkey!

So that's really it except for getting a tree and decorating my house. Maybe I'll post some pictures tomorrow, but tonight I'm going to bed. Kayleigh'll be up in like 5 hours and I need some sleep! TTFN

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Halloween fun!

Ok, so I tried to post a video, but the one I have is apparently giant. Oh well. No new news here, just figured out there are only 41 more shopping days left until Dec 23rd when really everyone should be done. Holy moly! We went and looked at artificial trees today. We'll probably go and buy one from Fred Meyer's at some point, probably next week or something. Next week is going to be weird because I'm off of my normal schedul. I'm working Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs instead of Wed, Thurs, Fri. It'll be ok. Cory's going to get some Kayleigh time :-)
Halloween was a bunch of fun... Kayleigh was a princess.

She really liked trick-or-treating. The hat only lasted for pictures though.

Monday, October 20, 2008

The Birthday Hat

Ok, so today Kayleigh came out of the 2nd bedroom with a large piece of brown thick cardstock that I didn't know where it came from. Then about 30min later she came out with the wrapping paper that was originally on the brown paper... The wrapping paper was pretty crinkled and I was going to just fold it up and save it, but then Kayleigh said she wanted a birthday hat... so I said hmmmm... lets try! First I tried to make a cone like hat that looked like a princess hat. No good. It ended up in a ball. So I went with tube like thing that fit her head and a circular covering. Here's some pictures of her wearing the hat :-)

Friday, August 08, 2008


Ok, it hasn't been too too long since I blogged so here I go again...

So there's this guy... and he's pretty darn awesome if I do say so myself. Tonight he brought me my dvd player, my flight suit, and my work shoes because I forgot them at home and I couldn't do my shift without them. He grumbled about it, but he brought them anyways. He loves on me and Kayleigh all the time, and I love it when she says... "DADDY!!!!" and runs to him. I think he loves it too.

So, Cory bought a house in Meridian and we're all settled in now. We painted some walls a green that I affectionately call facial spa mask or fake guacamole :-) I love it though. It looks really good on my walls. And we hung the tiles I bought for the bathroom yesterday. That looks awesome too. I love our house. We just have so many projects because it's an older house. We want to put in flooring in the kitchen, dining room, bathrooms and laundry room. We need to get the carpets cleaned. We need window coverings for the big windows in front.

Life is great! Kayleigh's getting big big and bigger. Today she peed in my mom's potty chair. It was great. She passed gas in the potty yesterday and it was good then too. Maybe we're getting close to potty training. I've got all the panties and I'm ready for her to be potty trained. Every day she says something new too. It is cool.

At work though life sucks. I'm stuck in an office for 12 hours waiting for a transport call. YUCK! It will be ok though, it will work itself out and all will be good again. I am the queen of over reaction and then reflection and getting over it. I hope Cory can live with that.

Sunday, June 01, 2008


It has been a long time again... I myspace more than I blog. It's private so if you don't have myspace you can't see any of my pictures. So get my space :-) Ok... so kayleigh and I moved to Nampa, I joined eHarmony, met a great guy and now we're living in Meridian. All is well!!! See you at MySpace... Or look at for pictures.