Thursday, October 15, 2009


So I'm horrible at updating this thingie :-) Too much going on with my FB page and being addicted to Bejeweled Blitz. Fall is here!!! Kayleigh started preschool, which she loves. Cory's back on days which means we don't see each other on the days he works and I work. And oh as a side note we got married Aug 29th! So I'm Christine Cantrell now. It still looks new and I have to remind myself to sign that at work and use the initials CC instead of CM. But I love it! As soon as I have some pictures of our hawaiian wedding I'll post them. Or put a link to my FB page if they go there first.

Pumpkin patch is always fun, we're going to attempt to go Sun or Tues. May have to buy our pumpkins at the farmers market though depending on what's left. We shall see.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Holy moly 5 months since I last blogged?

So, not too much going on here. Cory survived another round of layoffs at Micron by applying and getting into another Fab. The one he was in is set to be dissolved by August. We're going to milk micron as long as we can!

Work in L&D's still there... we were slow, now we're getting busier, just like always. Slow winter, busy summer.

Yesterday though we did something new! We went 4 wheeling. Kayleigh and I had never been and it was a blast! Kayleigh also had her first experience using the great outdoors as a potty and miserably failed... and so did her pants. I have some great photos to share, but I haven't uploaded them from the camera yet. Two words... well four... Daddy's orange sweatshirt & bungie cord... Well I guess that's 5 if you don't count the and sign. Oh well. The pics are cute!

Not too much else. Low carb diet's going well except for today, although it could've been worse. I think I had 2 Tbs of mashed potatoes, 2 bites of pasta... oh well. Life goes on. I'm 5 lbs away from my goal and have a little time left. It will happen! It's just back to the grindstone as our weekend comes to a close and I go back to the gym. :-) Love you all!