Friday, May 11, 2007


Hi to the minimal people that read this :-) I'm on vaca in Rio Rancho and loving it! So far my favorite part was getting to sleep in this morning while my mom took care of Kayleigh. It was awesome. No real other news to write except that I'm on vaca and I already did that. Oh and I swear the whole world is pregnant. One of my friends here in RR is due the middle of August and another is due the beginning of December. And I'll miss them :-( I miss being here. Someone asked me today if it was a happy thing when I went home to Idaho or if it was sad and it is definetly sad every time. I'm always in tears and go home depressed. I miss my mom there and my friends. I'm working on the new friends thing. I have made one really good friend and she is awesome. Her kids love to play with Kayleigh and vise versa. It's so nice to have a friend to just hang with.

Well that's about all, I don't have any new pics of Kayleigh to add. We're going to go get pictures together on Sunday for Mother's Day. Oh I cut my hair short. That's really it.