Monday, September 26, 2005

Wow, life's busy when you're a working girl

So, I haven't written on here since I was still on orientation at work. Now I've been off orientation about 5 months plus. I love my job. I can do it ok, I like my patients and I get to practice on other ppl's babies for when I get my own.

I am pregnant and past the scary time of the 1st trimester. I'm due March 27th next year and not looking forward to labor (cause I know everything that can go wrong which is the curse of the L&D nurse) but looking forward to having my own little one to love. I'll be writing on this more so look for updates on things. I'm not "showing" yet, but I haven't gained any weight either. I'm hanging out at a respectable number under 150. (that's all the info you get about weight he he) I know I won't be this weight for long. N-E-Ways... weight's not important except to make a healthy baby. :-) Anyone who is reading this should, in the comments section, give me suggestions about baby names. I have some ones that I like, but I love suggestions. Right now I just read that my little peanut is 3-4 inches long and his little bladder is working to make urine. You only are excited about bio things like this if you're a nurse maybe. :-P

On to other things. I had a wonderful weekend these last 3 and 1/2 days. I learned a lot about myself and other things. For others who are reading this, the comments section can be seen by all that access it hint hint. You never know who's online.

Well, that's probably all for now. I'll update you on baby info and other things in my life more frequently. Hugs and kisses...