Friday, March 10, 2006

No Sleep Sucks

So, everyone says that when you have a new baby it is great because you have a new baby, but it sucks because you get no sleep. Now I know what they mean. I don't really mind not getting any sleep at night, if only I could get sleep during the day, then I'd make up for the loss at night because Kayleigh seems to sleep fine during the day - go figure. Physically i can sleep during the day because I do it quite well after a night shift, but I feel so bad sleeping all day while Eric is working on the house or something like that. We just moved into the new house and it's slowly coming together, with not much help from me. If I'm not sleeping I'm nursing Kayleigh. It's an endless process. And she's a black hole, sometimes she nurses for like an hour! I worry about my milk supply not being enough, but if I was to pump I'm sure there'd be enough.

THE NEW HOUSE... the new house... it's in New Plymouth. Far Far Far away from Boise. Closer to Oregon than Boise. In fact, I've been to Ontario, Oregon almost every day this past week. Ok that's an exaggeration, but still. Oregon's just around the corner. But the house is nice. I don't think I've moved up in bedroom size, but that's ok. Kayleigh and I'll survive. The room is cool because it has a little alcove next to the closet that I think will fit a crib exactly. Right now Kayleigh's sleeping in a bassinet during the day and with me at night. Sometimes she sleeps in the bassinet at night, but mostly with me. She seems to sleep better with me. I'm not sure why, but all of the research I've done about "co-sleeping" says that it is ok. I'm looking into getting a co-sleeper so she can just be within arms reach to nurse at night. Then I've gotta learn how to nurse while laying down. That'll be cool. Maybe we'll practice tonight. Gotta go to bed... Will update more soon.