Thursday, April 21, 2005


That explains it all (the ahhhh! title). That's how I feel about being in my resource week at work. I'm supposed to be on my own with my preceptor there just to ask questions. What a scary thing. Like after 12 weeks I'm supposed to know everything about Labor and Delivery and be able to do it on my own. Well, not technically on my own because there'll be a midwife/md in the room and hopefully a baby nurse to help with baby. Ohmigosh! I don't even know what I would do if my baby crashed. I get pushed out of the way if that happens now, so what would I do if I was all alone? I don't know. I know the theory, but once it was a semi emergent time and the NICU nurse asked me to give Narcan to the baby and my hands were shaking so bad that the little vile was moving too much for me to draw it up, I had to put it down on the table :-). And that wasn't even emergent! I think I can do it though. There's always the charge nurse looking after everyone. N-E-ways...

Last night was so fun! I went out dancing with my friend Jeannine and a couple other people. It was so fun! It was ladies night at a club in ABQ so we didn't have to pay cover, plus it was wet t-shirt and thong night where local ladies strut their stuff in wet t-shirts and thongs for a $300 prize. I'd never look good in that combo, but it's fun to watch. The ladies come and dance in these cages... and the guys (and girls of course) scream for the one they want to win. Aside from that fun, we danced all night! It didn't matter that we didn't have guys ask us. Us four went out on the packed dance floor of the South Beach club (Hip Hop music) and danced for like 3 hours. Our club is 4 clubs in one so we'd go dance for awhile on the dance floor in South Beach, then go chill in the country club. The kareoke club is normally fun, but we wanted to dance! My girl Jeannine has no rhythm, but it was soooo much fun teaching her to move her booty right :-). The guys from Playgirl is coming next thursday and having a show and one of the cute shot girls took Jeannine's number so she could call us later and give us tickets. It'll be fun, hope we don't have to work. All of the dancing would've been better for my diet if I didn't drink as much as I danced. Oh well, I had sooooo much fun! We have to go at least once a month, maybe once a week!

That's all for now. Oh, and I went au natural to my massage appt, but it didn't matter. The spa was great, but the massage hurt more than it felt good. Oh well. :-) Have a good week all!

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Not too Deep

That last post was way too deep for me. I can tell the difference between a rested me and a really tired me by the blog I wrote. Today's my day off and I've had two full nights of sleep so I'm definetly rested :-) I'm going to go get a massage today! I'm excited, but kind of nervous as well. I always wonder, should I get totally undressed, or should I wear my underwear? I read the brochure and it says you can do it either way, but that their massagists(? massuses?) know how to drape their clients to preserve their privacy, or something like that. Basically it means that their employees have learned to drape their clients just skimpy enough to do the massage, but enough so that nothing vital is showing. I think I'm going to go au natural. We'll see. On to other topics.

I'm in week 11 of my orientation as a Labor and Delivery nurse. I have 12 weeks and then a resource week where I'm kind of on my own but with my preceptor as a resource. And then I'm totally on my own (with other nurses and the charge nurse as backup if needed of course). I don't know how people feel ready to be on their own. I certainly don't. But I guess it doesn't matter what I think. Oh well. L&D here I come (in 3 weeks counting this one we're in now) :-)!