Friday, August 08, 2008


Ok, it hasn't been too too long since I blogged so here I go again...

So there's this guy... and he's pretty darn awesome if I do say so myself. Tonight he brought me my dvd player, my flight suit, and my work shoes because I forgot them at home and I couldn't do my shift without them. He grumbled about it, but he brought them anyways. He loves on me and Kayleigh all the time, and I love it when she says... "DADDY!!!!" and runs to him. I think he loves it too.

So, Cory bought a house in Meridian and we're all settled in now. We painted some walls a green that I affectionately call facial spa mask or fake guacamole :-) I love it though. It looks really good on my walls. And we hung the tiles I bought for the bathroom yesterday. That looks awesome too. I love our house. We just have so many projects because it's an older house. We want to put in flooring in the kitchen, dining room, bathrooms and laundry room. We need to get the carpets cleaned. We need window coverings for the big windows in front.

Life is great! Kayleigh's getting big big and bigger. Today she peed in my mom's potty chair. It was great. She passed gas in the potty yesterday and it was good then too. Maybe we're getting close to potty training. I've got all the panties and I'm ready for her to be potty trained. Every day she says something new too. It is cool.

At work though life sucks. I'm stuck in an office for 12 hours waiting for a transport call. YUCK! It will be ok though, it will work itself out and all will be good again. I am the queen of over reaction and then reflection and getting over it. I hope Cory can live with that.