Thursday, December 11, 2008

Everything new

So... in the last two months a few things have happened.

Kayleigh's potty training is going well, she's able to potty/poop on the big girl potty with no seat insert or anything, even in a public bathroom!!! She's doing good so far with just a few accidents.

Cory's getting ready to graduate on Dec 19th... YEAH!!! Not sure what happens next as he was getting the degree for possible advancement at Micron and that might not be happening soon. We shall see. He has a week and a half forced "vacation" during the holidays where Micron is shutting down and he has to use his vacation time to cover his paycheck. Dumb economy, but ok for all of the family get togethers we will probably go to.

Me on the other hand... 2 of our team members at work are out on medical leave and so the 4 of us left have to try and cover all the shifts left open. That means that this week I'm working 4 days, next week I'm working my normal 3 and the week after I'm working 4 again. Then after one team member comes back, another's going out for ankle surgery!!! Hopefully everyone else stays healthy and the team survives the shortage. If only they would hire some of the people that applied! Nothing else new except that for me.

My mom had a partial thyriodectomy (sp?) last Monday and after biopsying it found that the nodule on it was cancerous (she didn't tell me if they classified it in stages) they did a second surgery yesterday (Dec 10th) morning. The first time around she had a lot of nausea and a MD that wouldn't write for any anti nausea meds except Reglan... and a nurse/cap team that never helped her when she vomited, my dad emptied the basin and got her washcloths. The second time she was more prepared (I think) and her PACU time was less... she was up in her bed on the floor at like 3 hours after surgery instead of 8. Also, she was on a different floor and her nursing care was at least 100% better. To top it off she's not so drugged up on IV pain meds and she hasn't really had any nausea. Who knows what was different this time? Not it. I can say a different floor and different nurse/cap teams played a big part. I'm so glad she did well.

Thanksgiving was uneventful, both Cory and I had to work so we spent an hour with Cory's family on Thanksgiving day eating then we had to split. Then on Saturday we had a Thanksgiving dinner at my mom's and Cory had to work and I didn't. It was nice. Yummy, yummy turkey!

So that's really it except for getting a tree and decorating my house. Maybe I'll post some pictures tomorrow, but tonight I'm going to bed. Kayleigh'll be up in like 5 hours and I need some sleep! TTFN

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